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Voiceovers For Radio


Carpet One: TV/Radio Spots Made Here

Carpet store franchisees with Carpet One are coming here for radio spots, such as those created for Essis And Sons Carpet One.

Also, a running series for Ramey Carpet One in Stuart and Port St. Lucie, Florida, along what's knows as "The Treasure Coast". Thanks to Dan Palumbo of Palumbo Advertising for this excellent bit of business.


New Radio: Griffin Pest Solutions

Griffin Pest Solutions is combining the TV and radio campaigns by tweaking the tv audio for use on radio... or are we teaking the radio spot for use on TV?


The Cowboy Way

It sounds like a blast! The Genoa Cowboy Poetry And Music Festival radio spots with TB VOX now airing. (You can hear the raw voice track in the player on the right).