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Marketing With Custom Music On Hold Messages


Easy On Hold: Leading The Way

Tim Brown and the talented Mrs. Brown (a.k.a. Julie Cook) founded Easy On Hold to offer businesses the easiest, most hassle-free music on hold experience anywhere. No contract needed. Flexible payment options. Fast turnarounds. And it's OK if you want to use your own on hold equipment, or buy ours.


Easy On Hold, recently featured in MiBiz Magazine, and at Small Biz USA has developed an innovative business model for message on hold productions.


P.S: As a marketing and PR professional for over 20 years, we have a few good tips to share with you. Call us at 1-888-798-HOLD!


Background Music by Easy On Hold

Now representing dmx, Easy On Hold provides "pure music" programming for businesses wishing to use music legally in their public spaces and offices.


Website Named In Top 5 in Business Services by Alexa

Music On Hold by Easy On Hold is ranked among "Top Sites in Media Production" by Alexa.com owned by Alexa Internet, Inc. (a subsidiary company of Amazon.com) that provides information on web traffic. Alexa has been tracking EasyOnHold.com since April 25, 2000. Easy On Hold is highly regarded as a quality firm.


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